The Office of Agriculture and Urban Programs

The Office of Agriculture and Urban Programs (OAUP) supports academic and outreach efforts that connect urban and suburban communities with agriculture and open space in order to enhance the economy, landscape, and culture of New Jersey. The office serves as an intellectual meeting place for faculty, staff, students, and community organizations to come together around research and collaborative projects that address pressing needs facing our urban communities. Working with academic programs from multiple disciplines in SEBS and Rutgers at large, OAUP serves farmers seeking to develop urban agriculture enterprises, urban non-profit organizations pursuing local food production, municipalities needing technical assistance in green infrastructure and open space planning, and students eager to participate in applied engagement. The OAUP works closely with Rutgers Cooperative Extension to connect the resources of the University to the larger community through action research and outreach. Key programs within OAUP include: Rutgers Gardens, Center for Urban Environmental Sustainability (CUES), the Ag in the City network, Campus as Living Lab, New Jersey Youth Institute of the World Food Prize, and the Rutgers Student Farm.